Summer writing workshop II: Figures


We want to continue our Summer Writing Exercise by delving into figures! You can help your readers better appreciate your work by making your figures easy to understand.

Figure: A simple example of a figure that makes one point. from XKCD.


  1. Read Ten Simple Rules to Better Figures. Alternatively, seek out some other guide to data visualization or scientific visualization. Several are available for rental or online through CSU libraries.
  2. Read a paper in your field. For my lab, a few suggestions are listed below.
  3. Identify 1 - 3 sub-figures (not the whole figure) that you want to tackle.
  4. Put together no more than 4 slides on how you suggest the figure and/or legend could be improved. Make mention of the advice you read that helped you come to these suggestions. Try to keep your presentation succinct so everyone can have a turn.


Thursday, July 19, 3:00pm - 4:30pm
MRB 230

Possible papers for people in my lab:

Please try to coordinate amongst yourselves to avoid overlap