whole genome, one cell at a time

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  • How do diverse cell types arise in growing organisms?
  • How is information in the genome accessed and utilized during growth and differentiation?
  • How do chromatin, transcription, and mRNA regulation work together to mechanistically power these events system-wide?

Our lab is interested in exploring these and other questions. Generally, we are interested in asking developmental biology questions using cutting-edge technologies. Our research combines systems biology approaches with hypothesis-driven experimentation.


High resolution genomics in a living system

Many questions in developmental biology have been pondered and asked by generations of scientists. One such question is how plant, animal, and fungal cells diversify from a single fertilized cell into a myriad of distinct cell types with unique properties and functions. Today, we have the unprecedented advantage in addressing this question, and others, using next generation sequencing and high resolution microscopy. By using next generation sequencing, we can survey all the mRNA transcripts in the genome at once. By using high resolution microscopy, we can count individual mRNA molecules in intact organisms.



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