We keep track of chemicals, worm strains, E. coli strains, freezer stocks, smFISH probe sets, and oligos:

Inventory Day — Reagents Inventory

The goal of today will be to inventory the chemical shelves, the -20 C Freezer, refrigerators, and under the hood.

  1. Keep track of the product, its location, and type. All the other information is optional.
  2. For detailed locations, see Freezer Maps . Possible general locations are:
    • 227A-S1 through 227A-S6 — DONE! Thanks, Marc!
    • FREEZE20-S1 through FREEZE20-S11
    • FREEZE20-D1 through FREEZE20-D6 — DONE!
    • HOOD1
    • HOOD2
    • FREEZE80-01 through FREEZE80-15
  3.  Enter the info into the Reagent Inventory located on Lab Archives: