Link to CSU Research Safety website: CSU Research Safety

EHS Safety Compliance

  • All Lab personnel must be up to date on their EHS Safety training certifications
  • log into
  • Ensure that you are associated with "Erin Nishimura Lab"
  • Take the following trainings:
    • BSL1 and BSL2 Online Training
    • Hazardous Waste Generator Training-Online
    • Formaldehyde Hazards in the Workplace
    • Sharps Training
    • Module-0 Radiation Safety Orientation Training

      Lab Safety Information



Training Videos from EHS

EHS Electronic Request for Disposal Training Video

Satellite Accumulation Weekly Inspections

Module 0 Radiation Safety Training

CSU Biosafety Information

2021 Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) Training

Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) Training


2019 Biosafety Manual

CSU Biosafety Manual 2019