Summer 2020 Statistics Workshop

Let's flex those stats muscles on Thursday, June 18th 2020 at 2pm!

Weak or strong, we could all use some reps on the statistical equipment in the discipline.

concepts of a weight
Choose your own exercise. The above rack of barbells is not comprehensive.

Practice and Learn:

  • See how others are using statistics to evaluate data in their own research.
  • Explore a topic you feel weak in, or never learned.
  • Expose ourselves to new statistical topics
  • Discuss common pitfalls associated with data analysis

How can I participate?

Attend (but not present)

Just be a part of this thing.

Come and give your take on presentations, or dish on topics you'd like to get others' perspective on.

We'd love to hear your perspective!

Showcase a method

Read about a method from any of the resources below.

Make a 2-4 slide presentation on it,

Apply it to your data if you choose.

Doghouse: bad research in print

Who needs to do better? Is there a total flub that got by reviewers? Let us know!

How should they have done their analyses?

Re-analyze it yourself! (optional)

Statistics Guides