Summer 2019 Statistics Workshop



The interpretation of data we generate as biologists is often incomplete without the proper implementation of statistical tools. However, it is commonplace for biologists to be deficient in statistical thinking.

The goal of this workshop is to:
- Remind us about fundamental concepts we may have forgotten (or never learned)
- Expose ourselves to new statistical topics
- Discuss common pitfalls associated with data analysis


  1. Seek out and read a Statistics Guide. Let the goals outlined above guide your reading. In the section below are a selection of statistics guides to serve as a starting point.
  2. Choose a topic of interest within the Statistics Guide that you would like to share during the workshop. Example topics include:
    • Normal distribution
    • Hypothesis testing, confidence intervals and P-Values
    • Test statistics (see flow charts below for more suggestions):
      • Chi-Squared Test
      • T-test
      • Fisher's Exact Test
    • Basic regression
    • Visualization approaches: Bar plots vs Jitter Plots
    • Continuous vs Factorial data
  3. Prepare 2 - 4 slides detailing your topic to present during the workshop. The slides should introduce the topic, detail how it is useful to or misused by biologists, and an example run-through application of the topic.

The presentations

David's presentation:

Wyatt's presentation:

Sean's presentation:

Code is available upon request

Seré's presentation:


Charlotte's presentation:

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Friday, August 9, 12pm - 1:30pm
MRB 312

Choosing a statistical test:

Flowchart: choosing a test by the data
Select a test to showcase with your own data! or present an amendment to this flowchart!
Different test statistics
Select a test to showcase with your own data! or present an amendment to this flowchart!

Statistics Guides: